Our teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to the development of your child.  The qualification of the teaching staff of Iqra Academy meets the state guidelines for teachers in a non-public school.  The teaching staff includes full-time and part-time qualified teachers.  Many of our teachers have been with Iqra Academy for several years.  Most teachers have several years of teaching.
The most important aspect of our teaching staff is their commitment to our students, parents and to Iqra Academy.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  THIS IS OUR OLD WEBSITE, SO ALL STAFF LISTED HERE WERE FROM THE 2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR.  VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE www.iqrava.org or www.iqrava.org/ww for up-to-date listings.
•PreK-3 Teacher –Aminah Martinez has an Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood Development from  J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  She has 9 years of experience as Preschool teacher.  Sr. Aminah is a returning teacher after taking 2 years off from teaching.
·   Pre-K Assistant- Sr. Sanna Makhshar- This is Sr. Sanna’s second year with Iqra.  Last year she served Iqra as full time volunteer.  We are ever grateful for her dedication to our school and our students.  Currently Sr. Sanna is enrolled in Meshkah University taking classes in Islamic Studies.
•Pre-K2 Teacher -Sr. Rafiya Alam has a Pre-Med degree from Kinnaird College and completed her Bachelor of Science in Home Economics from College of Home Economics in Lahore, Pakistan.  This is her tenth year at Iqra.
•Pre-K2 Assistant - Sr. Madiha Siddiqui has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Home Economics from Karachi, Pakistan.  Sr. Madiah has served as Teacher Assistant for six years here at Iqra. 
•Kindergarten (KG-1) Teacher- Sr. Mayada Al-Samarai has a BS in English from University of Baghdad, Iraq. This is her fourth year with Iqra.
•Kindergarten (KG- 2) Teacher- Sr. Nida’a Al-Najar has a BA in Early Child Development form Al-Balaq Applied University of Amman, Jordan.  Sr. Nida’a has 3 years of experience in lower the elementary setting as a classroom teacher.  This is her first year with Iqra.
•Kindergarten Assistant- Sr. Inayah Rashid has an Associate Degree in Accounting and Nursing. She also has twelve years of teaching experience in Virginia. She has been with Iqra for eight years.
•1st Grade Teacher-Sr. Muneeza Saeed has a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Karachi, Pakistan.  She has six years of experience both as a homeroom teacher and assistance teacher in the elementary school  setting.  This is Sr. Muneeza’s first year at Iqra.
•1st Grade Assistant-Sr. Faye Malik has twelve years of experience teaching here at Iqra.
•2nd Grade Teacher- Sr. Kelly Weaver has a Bachelor's Degree in History from Virginia Commonwealth University. This is her sixth year with Iqra.
 •3rd Grade Teacher- Sr. Lubna Anwar has a Master’s Degree in Geography from the University of Peshawar in Pakistan.  Sr. Lubna has taught as substitute teacher for the Chesterfield Public School system for two years before joining Iqra and this is her first year with our school.  
•4th Grade Teacher- Sr. Nasreen Akhter has a Master's Degree in Organic Chemistry and a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Pakistan. She has been with Iqra Academy for six years.
•5th Grade Teacher- Mandisa Barakah-Muti has a Bachelor Degree from Virginia State University in Agronomy (Plant, Soil & Water Sciences), a Masters Degree in Education and Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Lanuage (TEFL).  Sr.  Mandisa has sixteen years of teaching experience.  Sr. Mandisa is a returning teacher, she taught at Iqra during 1998-1999 as Kindergarten teacher.
Islamic Studies
·         Sr. Mounira El-Khayat has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. She is also certified in Shariya Sciences and holds an Advanced Certificate in English from Syria. She has been with Iqra Academy for twelve years.
·         Sr. Najah Jinoun- has a Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies from University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan; and has an advanced certificate in Tajweed ul Quran and principles of Tajweed.  She has four years of teaching experience. Sr. Najah is a returning teacher who took two years off from teaching to be with her family.
·         Br.  Sheikh Tanveer  Shahid- has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Pakistan, and completed the Hifz of the Holy Qur’an in 1999 at Darul Aloom Islamia in Lahore, Pakistan ; and an advanced certificate in Tajweed ul-Qura’an in 2003 from Jamia Khairul Aloom.  Br. Tanveer has 17 years of teaching experience with young children.
·         Br. Thair Hussen (Abu Harith) -has a Bachelor’s of Science in Petroleum Engineering from University of Baghdad.  He also has advanced classes in Sharia, tajweed and Fiqh from College of Islamic Sharia in Baghdad. Br. Abu Harith is a certified Imam and has fully memorized the Holy Quran.  This is his third year with Iqra Academy.
·         Sr. Sawsan El-Tayeb -has a Bachelor of Art in Arabic Language from Al-Qur’an Al-Karim University of Khartum, Sudan.  She has three years of experience teaching Qur’an and Arabic.  This is her first year here at Iqra teaching full time.
·         Sr. Khawlah Idrees – has an Associates in Early Childhood Education from Queen Aliaa’s College in  Amman,  Jordan and a Bachelor of Science from Al-Isra Private University in Teaching.  Sr. Khawla has 17 years of experience teaching in the Elementary level from overseas and we welcome her to Iqra this year.